Large Hadron Collider (LHC Monitoring)

This is a gallery of example notebooks about LHC Signal Monitoring project.

How to use the project

API and Metadata

In order to use the project, API has to be installed with a python package installer as

pip install --user lhcsmapi

Check the latest version at

The API relies on external python packages which have to be installed in a similar manner. The list of packages is stored in the requirements.txt file.

The documentation for the API is stored at

The repository of the API is available at a GitLab



The beta versions of the use cases are versioned at a gitlab repository The applications are typically divided into two stages: (i) a detailed analysis of a single event (day, ramp-up, FPA) in order to get the features right; (ii) this analysis is followed by an analysis of many events to get the right features (at scale).


Use cases

Beam mode filtering

This module extracts beam mode indices corresponding to current ramp-up from the injection through the stable beams, over a certain period of time.



Quench heater

This analysis module is suited for querying quench heater signals during discharge, i.e., voltage and current (for main dipole magnets), selected during a single day.



Power converter

Analysis of a single Post Mortem dump of a power converter selected during a single day, or many in a given period of time.




Earth current

Analysis of the grounding network during an FPA in a given period of time.



Voltage feeler

Analysis of the voltage feeler behavior during a single, or many, current ramp-up.





This module calculates busbar and magnet resistances corresponding to a current ramp-up.



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