Beam Dynamics

This is a gallery of basic example notebooks about beam dynamics. The library used is PyHEADTAIL: click on the images to inspect the underlying document, open in SWAN the single notebooks or the full git repository!


  • a python library to numerically simulate particle beam dynamics
  • based on macro-particles to model collective effects of charged beams
  • developed and maintained in the BE-ABP group at CERN

PyHEADTAIL is used at CERN and other labs to study a wide range of collective effects in circular accelerators. It models beam interactions with wake fields and impedances, electron clouds, self-consistent space charge or realistic feedback systems, for instance. In particular, at CERN we use PyHEADTAIL to study instabilities in all of the CERN synchrotrons in order to understand performance limiting mechanisms and to devise adequate mitigation schemes.

Quick Start Tutorial

Transverse Space Charge Tutorial

PS Triple Bunch Splitting

RF Bucket Matching

Transverse Feedback

Transverse Tracking


Transverse Mode Coupling Instability

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