The Swan Service

SWAN (Service for Web based ANalysis) is a platform to perform interactive data analysis in the cloud.

  • Analyse data without the need to install any software
  • Jupyter notebook interface as well as shell access from the browser
  • Use CERNBox as your home directory and synchronise your local user storage with the cloud
  • Access experiments' and user data in the CERN cloud (EOS)
  • Share your work with your colleagues thanks to CERNBox
  • Document and preserve science - create catalogues of analyses: encourage reproducible studies and learning by example
  • Submit your jobs to CERN Spark Clusters

Don't know how to start? Visit the Gallery and the FAQ! Also look at the known issues and limitations

Having a CERNBox is a requirement to use SWAN. To activate yours connect to

Deploy on Premises

An alpha version of ScienceBox, the bundled version of EOS+CERNBox+SWAN services, is available here.

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